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You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: donnayoungastrologer. I've been studying astrology since The desire to learn came to me suddenly and without warning. It was a Uranus thing. By I was working towards a degree with Kepler College, and today I am happy to be involved with Kepler as an introductory level instructor.

Even though I still feel like a rookie, I'm delighted to be able to pass on my passion to those who answer the call.

FAA 2020 Astrology Conference

I have a practice in Calgary, Alberta, where I also teach classes and am very active in growing the astrological community. I am honoured to be a representative of OPA, and look forward to helping connect Canadians from coast to coast. The more involved I am, the more I realize what talent we have in our own back yard.

I hope we can learn and grow from each other, and bring astrology to a much greater segment of the population.

Kim Marie Consultations

I learned astrology in and focus on psychological Astrology. In , I created an astrology study program to train new astrologers, enhancing the acquisition of psychological skills and abilities that allow the student to work better in a context of help. Since then, I have continued to train astrologers. Recently, I have organized local celebrations of equinoxes hoping to gather and strengthen the bond among the community of Chilean astrologers even more.

Website www. Astrology has so much still to contribute to working with people in need. Othervwise karmic astrology has been one on my long time fields of study. I currently live and work in Finland in both national languages, Finnish and Swedish. This has also helped me to establish contact with the other Scandinavian Associations. I love to lecture and be a part of a persons learning process, and have been teaching and lecturing around the country since I became a Professional. I also do readings with clients and work wth the local organizations and with the newspaper. We still have a long and genuine interest in astrology, having an astrological newspaper that goes 40 years back and having several astrological associations, both for professionals and for other interested.

Our further connections to the Scandinavian and other member countries worldwide would be a very important task that I as a Satellite wish to contribute to.

Forecast for August 15-29, 2019

Websites: Angela's website. I am a full-time astrologer for about eight years and practice in Athens but thanks to internet technology I have clients from various parts of Greece and other countries. I approach the natal chart from a psychological point of view. By reinforcing the positive elements and by trying to eliminate the negative patterns, we automatically become masters of our lives. About Astrology in Greece Astrology in Greece is often limited to popular predictions.

As a result, most people and many astrologers themselves do not understand or do not promote it as a pivotal philosophical system of self-awareness. Fortunately, the younger generation of astrologers shows a substantial interest in the mystical, inner and psychological side of astrology, the knowledge of which I consider as essential for a correct interpretation of a chart or even for an accurate prediction. I have been studying astrology with since , essentially practicing Evolutionary Astrology.

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Living in Israel has always given me perspective. I have been lucky enough to grow up with two Hippie parents who taught me that the value of peace, love and happiness outweighs the race for money, power and dominance.

International Satellites

About Astrology in Israel The Astrological community in Israel is rapidly expanding and although it's still relatively small, we are a mutually supportive and professional. The community is always looking for new ways to learn and expand our knowledge, and find new ways to connects with the global scene. The connection with global organizations such as OPA and ISAR, instigated thanks to the efforts of Maurice Fernandez in recent years, has created wonderful new exchanges with peers and teachers.

It stimulates the community with new knowledge and inspiration, and it advances the local professional practice. I'm looking forward to play a part in further enhancing these dynamics and to contribute to the professional community of astrologers, as i now serve as the representative of the Israeli Satellite of OPA. I am very glad to be part of OPA and hope to be able promote this incredible Organization.

I have been practicing psychological astrology for a long time. I studied Jungian psychology, tarot and thanatology. I have always been in search for more answers. I manage a small cultural center in Mexico City, where we promote cultural gatherings and psychological and astrological workshops.

Evolutionary Astrology Course

I completed my astrology studies at Herkules Astrology school 4 years in Norway and have been working as a full time astrologer since Margareta Hedin has studied astrology for more than 30 years and is a full-time, professional astrologer located in Stockholm, Sweden where she is well known to the community for her accurate readings. Astrology is not psychic nonsense or prediction. In astrology, there is a wide range of ways in which the combination of energies may manifest after birth for any given individual. How we each choose to perceive and play out these different energetic patterns in our lives is completely dependent upon our perceptions about choice.

Astrology tells us we always have free will to choose our path forward and to manifest our energies at a higher vibrational level. Your natal horoscope, or birth chart, is like a blueprint for your soul, and can guide you to move forward with a better sense of direction….

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This, in turn, provides you an easier way to listen to--and really hear--what your soul needs to be truly happy. When your soul passes from body to body into each new incarnation, often it retains the cellular memory of its previous physical bodies.

evolutionary astrology network Evolutionary astrology network
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