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As you attend to your playful work, meditate on this counsel from Capricorn author John O'Donohue: "The geography of your destiny is always clearer to the eye of your soul than to the intentions and needs of your surface mind. She was instrumental in devising new drugs to treat AIDS and herpes, as well as a medication to facilitate organ transplants.

And yet she accomplished all this without ever earning a PhD or MD, a highly unusual feat. I suspect you may pull off a similar, if slightly less spectacular feat in the coming weeks: Getting a reward or blessing despite a lack of formal credentials or official credibility.

But as late as the 18th century, it consisted of seven sparsely populated islands. Over many decades, reclamation projects turned them into a single land mass.

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I foresee you undertaking a metaphorically comparable project during the coming months. You could knit fragments together into a whole. You have the power to transform separate and dispersed influences into a single, coordinated influence. You could inspire unconnected things to unite in common cause.

That's an extreme statement that I can't agree with.

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But I understand what he's driving at. Repeating yourself can be debilitating, even deadening. That includes trying to draw inspiration from the same old sources that have worked for you in the past. In accordance with current astrological omens, I suggest you try to minimize exact repetition in the next two weeks: Both in what you express and what you absorb. For further motivation, here's William S. Burroughs: "Truth may appear only once; it may not be repeatable. It's the story of a great white shark that stalks and kills people in a small beach town.

Later in his life, the Taurus author was sorry for its influence, which helped legitimize human predation on sharks and led to steep drops in shark populations. To atone, Benchley became an aggressive advocate for shark conservation. If there's any behaviour in your own past that you regret, Taurus, the coming weeks will be a good time to follow Benchley's lead: Correct for your mistakes; make up for your ignorance; do good deeds to balance a time when you acted unconsciously. Tags: Free Will Astrology.

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View Results. Demanding the government close the Alton Natural Gas Storage project, shut down Boat Harbour project and close all coal, gas, and biomass generators in the province.

Hundreds of Haligonians gather to mourn the destruction caused by climate change and request government action. Let it be known, Halifax Regional Council did not let perfect be the enemy of good. Halifax strikers will take to the streets on Friday September 27, will you join them? The three climate leaders say this election is an important one for effective environmental impact.

Board of Police Commissioners waits on other stakeholders to move forward on Wortley report recommendations. After a strong debate over player safety, students can return to the field with some changes. The official handbook to student life in Halifax. Interior design and home accessories in Halifax. Search s of Halifax restaurants, bars and cafes. Designers, stores and fashion, all locally-sourced. Halifax's sex secrets revealed. The Coast's Well Being Guide. The couple's guide to everything. Switch to the mobile version of this page.

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By Email. With RSS. Select a movie or Select a location. Survey Asks. Coast Top Ten Most Read. The trials of Dr. To get started, meditate on the hypothesis that you can get more good work done if you're calm and composed than if you're agitated and trying too hard. I bet that if you cooperate with the natural rhythms, you will feel stirred, playful, and delighted.

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So how can you best use this gift? How might you take maximum advantage of the lucky breaks and bursts of grace that will be arriving? Here's my opinion: be more focused on discovering possibilities than making final decisions. Feed your sense of wonder and awe rather than your drive to figure everything out. Give more power to what you can imagine than to what you already know. Being practical is fine as long as you're idealistically practical.

Leo—Creative, Fun-Loving and Fiery: Risa’s Stars July 24-30

What's the best route to take? Who and what are likely to provide the best help? If you approach those questions with a crisply optimistic attitude, you can gather a wealth of useful information in a relatively short time. The more research you do about the journey, the faster it will go and the more painless it will be. Here's another fertile question to meditate on: is there a smart and kind way to give up your attachment to a supposedly important thing that is actually quite burdensome?

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But I do believe it may sometimes be a valid hypothesis—especially for you Sagittarians in the coming months. Your faith in yourself and your desire to have interesting fun will be even more important than usual in determining what adventures you will have. I suggest you start now to lay the groundwork for this exhilarating challenge. He said we're permanently stuck on automatic pilot, prone to reacting in mechanical ways to every event that comes our way.

Psychology pioneer Sigmund Freud had an equally dim view of us humans. He believed that it's our normal state to be neurotic; that most of us are chronically out of sync with our surroundings. Now here's the good news, Capricorn. You're at least temporarily in a favorable position to refute both men's theories. In fact, I'll boldly predict that in the next three weeks you'll be as authentic and awake and at peace as you've been in years. His influence led to the plant being grown and used more extensively. Although he accomplished many other innovations, including techniques for enhancing depleted soils, he became famous as the Peanut Man.

Later in life, he told the story that while young he had prayed to God to show him the mystery of the universe, but God turned him down, saying, "That's for me alone. A company named Gumdrop has begun to harvest that waste and use it to make soles for its new brand of sneakers, Gumshoe. A spokesperson said the intention was to "create a product people actually want from something no one cares about. According to my reading of the cosmic omens, you now have exceptional powers to transform something you don't want into something you do want.

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rob brezsny astrology leo Rob brezsny astrology leo
rob brezsny astrology leo Rob brezsny astrology leo
rob brezsny astrology leo Rob brezsny astrology leo
rob brezsny astrology leo Rob brezsny astrology leo
rob brezsny astrology leo Rob brezsny astrology leo

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