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You meet many and enriching new people and take control to hit up the right places and adapt to new situations.

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Even if things don't seem to be happening as quickly as you'd like them to, don't try to force anything, but instead, continue relying on your discipline. You are particularly active and driven. Don't overestimate your strength, and think about not overdoing it or else your energy will slowly run out. Make the right resolutions for preserving your well-being and stick to them.

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Take advantage of your weekends to ease up and don't skip sports to blow off some steam. Don't skip over anything! Keep your sense of reality and foresight, and, to get luck on your side, be cautious and wise. Cancel your web notifications. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. I accept.

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Get started by signing up for the mini class, Intro to Love Astrology! Aquarius Career and Money Horoscope. Neptune remains in your money sector all year, and Mercury will retrograde in this sector the second half of February. You may need to focus on financial matters that come up, and pay closer attention to your finances.

You can have an unexpected expense, or reconsider something you need to spend on. It can be a good time to make money in a way you have before through a second job or side gig. Mars will be in your money sector mid-May through June, and you may extra focused on money and want to improve your financial situation as much as you can.

Mercury will retrograde in your work sector mid-June through mid-July, which can bring out issues with your work or work life.

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You may have issues with co-workers, bosses, employees, or partners, and may want more time to do things yourself. You may have little patience for work and want to avoid it, or have too much to do and feel overwhelmed. Give yourself time to get projects done, break big ones down into small ones, and have a positive outlet for stress.

Mercury retrogrades in your career sector the second half of October, and you may reconsider one of your goals, experience a setback or delay with a goal, and feel that your path is a little shaky. Try to stay the course until the retrograde is over unless things get really wonky.

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It may be a good time to pick back up an old goal or reconnect with an old boss or mentor. And give yourself some space from responsibilities too. Aquarius Home and Family Horoscope. Uranus remains in your home and family sector all year, and is the first calendar year where Uranus is in this sector. You can make lots of changes at home by moving, redecorating, renovating, or changing who you live with, and anyone you live with can bring on some changes into your life as well.

You yourself may want more space to feel better emotionally and sort through internal issues in your own way. Just try not to push them away too much. Aquarius Mental State Horoscope.

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  • Mars will be in one of the sectors ruling your mind July to the end of the year, and is in this sector for so long because Mars will retrograde September to mid-November. This may be a time when you lack the focus you need, and your mental energy can sway from too high to too low. You may get into more arguments with others and are easily irritated and provoked. Try to keep more of an open mind, and have an outlet for frustrations that is healthy and positive. You can get your mind back on track after the retrograde ends. Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter come together in Capricorn in and Mars mid-February through March , and this occurs in the sector ruling your subconscious.

    This is big energy, and in your case, it may seem quieter for you than for others. You may work on things behind the scenes, on your own, when no one is paying attention, and subconsciously. You can forge a strong connection to your subconscious, and work to unlock lots of mysteries within.

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