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We begin the pradakshina from the left side and go till the outward projecting channel of the shalunka; then, without crossing it, turn back and come unto the channel from the other side and thus complete one pradakshina. The flow of a shalunka is not crossed, as it is the flow of energy. When crossing it, the legs are spread. As a result, formation of semen and the five vayus Internal vital air energies are adversely affected.

There is an obstruction in the flow of Devdatta and Dhananjay vital air energies too. However, these ill effects do not occur if while crossing it, the body is contracted, that is the nadis Energy channel are contracted. Rationalists feel that the channel of the linga is not crossed because while doing so, the dirt on our feet contaminates the water there.

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If devotees partake this water as Tirth , it could result in illness! This law is applicable to man-made Shivalinga; however, this is not applicable to a Swayambhu Self-originated linga or to the Shivalinga in the Devalay at home. The way a pradakshina is done in a complete circle in case of other Deities, so is not the case with the Shivapindi.

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Hence, the number of pradakshinas advised in case of Deity Shiva is zero. Awakening of sattvikbhav B. Experiencing Anand 8. Increase in marak-tattva. Kshatrabhav awakens C. Experiencing Shakti C. Shrivishnu: Four pradakshinas have been prescribed for Shrivishnu, because Vishnu Principle contains the Divine energies of four actions of invocation, recitation, songs of praise and protection. Hence, only half a pradakshina has been prescribed. For example, the subtle sound waves which remain in the environment when the bell in a Devalay is sounded.

Hence, only one pradakshina of the Devalay of the Goddess has been prescribed. As a symbol of this, 7 pradakshinas are performed. The waves of Ichha-shakti are attracted to a triangular figure in a shorter time. As a symbol of the union of the three flows, three pradakshinas of Shri Ganapati are performed. Anjali Gadgil, 9th June , Hindus may happily go to a church and light candles and this may be seen as a testament to the greatness and inclusiveness of Hinduism.

But such inclusiveness also constructs religion as such in a certain way, one that may be just as dogmatic and imperial as more exclusive forms of worship. Certainly, boundary-crossing names are markedly differentiated. Consider, for instance, the multiple associations of the name of contemporary north Indian guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan—this, I suggest, is a name that enfolds; being suggestive both of the bhakti universalism his movement espouses and of the guru as embodied confluence Das a of different religious traditions.

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  • Accusations of appropriation do form a response to the rationalist boundary-crossing name, as we shall see; however, their source is not the community that at first glance we might consider the subject of appropriation, but the Hindu right. The Muslim-background rationalists I know either shrug or applaud, which is unsurprising given their affiliation with the movement.

    This is also witnessed in the names borne by the children of Bollywood icon Shahrukh and Gauri Khan see epigraph. The offers of assistance made by rationalist groups show their sympathy for inter-faith marriages, but of course the majority of such marriages do not arise from anything so grand as an ideological position on secularism taken up by the couple. Though less widespread than it once was, some incoming brides in north India change or have changed for them their forename as well as surname to mark their new circumstances. Inter-faith or -caste marriages, too, may occasion the bride changing her name to efface the boundary crossing the relationship embodied in a kind of post-hoc imposition of propriety.

    Thus is non-Abrahamic Hinduism integrated into an imagined Abrahamic secularism.

    Panchang • Monday, October 15, 2018

    What is your caste? The boundary-crossing name is in part interventionist—intended to eventuate the disidentity it embodies—but also normative in depicting what transcategorialism ideally should be like and as such at odds with ordinary naming conventions. In addition to the teasing of those who bear them, there is the even blunter instrument of simply refusing to use such names. A Kolkata-based, Hindu-background activist described to me how her non-rationalist family members 20 do exactly this in respect of her daughter: that is, they ignore the Islamic name given to her by her parents, having between them—and quite independently of her parents—decided on a Hindu name for her that they would use.

    The activist is fearful that they may even have consulted a pandit for the purpose. But the problems they face are not discrete and may overlap, which is what we find in the next illustrative example which concerns the name of the aforementioned film actor Shriram Lagoo. Dabholkar and Lagoo then began a program they named Vivek Jagar Knowledge Awakening in which they staged debates across Maharashtra. Lagoo wanted to go to Mumbai by night train. We, all the organizers, were at station to see him off. The train was late. During that period we saw a group of young people rushing towards Dr.

    At first we thought that the group may be fans of Doctor who also is a famous film actor… Within no time they surrounded us and started shouting slogans like Jai [ i. Lagoo should shout Jai Shri Ram. Lagoo was not afraid at all. All these angry young men were confused. At that moment the train entered the platform and Dr.

    Lagoo boarded the train. Thus further confrontation was avoided. No change, or renaming, has taken place to cause offence—it is his continued use of the name that seems to be the problem. Some are Bhagwan or Paramatma Singh, even Ram—there are so many. But I have not chosen my name. My parents gave me my name. I became a rationalist later on in life.

    So how can I change it? From such an angle, his name may indeed be construed as boundary crossing: a rationalist, he nonetheless bears a notably Hindu name. Of course, as with brand names Mazzarella, this issue , accruing improper associations is a risk built into the very existence of personal names.

    Many a ctivists take delight in staging their weddings on inauspicious days, feasting during eclipses, and consuming substances such as meat and alcohol that in many contexts are shunned as impure. The two onomastic strategies—of purification on the one hand and boundary crossing on the other—aim to achieve similar ends, but pursue different means.

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    The focus on their problems has not been because I view the strategies as flawed or the deeply held convictions informing them as not significant, but because it affords illumination of the differentiated nature and differently weighted priorities of Indian rationalist and secular campaigning, and the manner in which problem-solving can beget new kinds of problems.

    I conclude by pointing to a final way in which some secular names have been considered to be problematic. The comment suggests that little will change for these rural girls as a result of their renaming: if they were unwanted before, they will likely remain so after. Are they empty gestures? Meanwhile, they do not inter-dine, and have extremely little day-to-day contact with people belonging to communities other than their own. Rather than a concrete and complicated presence, the other is considered abstractly in absentia.

    Boundary-crossing names—certainly those that do not originate from within inter-faith marriages—may reflect something of this sensibility, but I would wish to be cautious on this point. A good number of activists do indeed marry across religious boundaries, while we have seen that boundary-crossing names are often given with an intention of making a relation to the other ordinary.

    But, again, we must be careful. Consider the criticisms, mentioned earlier, directed at campaigner-author Arundhati Roy in the wake of her new introduction to The Annihilation of Caste. People can have reasons for not naming caste other than self-serving ones arising from bad faith. In the case of rationalist activists, there are several reasons why their actions are not continuous with the middle class and upper caste strategy of stopping caste coming into public view.

    Austin, J.

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    Urmson] , Oxford: Clarendon Press. Adamson trans. Weber trans. Bergo, D.

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    sanatan numerology day number 15 october Sanatan numerology day number 15 october
    sanatan numerology day number 15 october Sanatan numerology day number 15 october
    sanatan numerology day number 15 october Sanatan numerology day number 15 october
    sanatan numerology day number 15 october Sanatan numerology day number 15 october
    sanatan numerology day number 15 october Sanatan numerology day number 15 october
    sanatan numerology day number 15 october Sanatan numerology day number 15 october
    sanatan numerology day number 15 october Sanatan numerology day number 15 october
    sanatan numerology day number 15 october Sanatan numerology day number 15 october

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